• Having MS myself, blogging is my personal way of expressing myself and sharing information.
  • I want to show information about resources available in my local community to aid people with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Whether newly diagnosed or an MS veteran, meeting others in similar circumstances is liberating and helpful to deal with and discuss the many problems and symptoms which  our disease presents.
  • Knowing your not alone and there are people to talk to is invaluable.

I have set up my own JUSTGIVING page to raise funds in aid of my local Group.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
For text donations
Text               MSDN56
Amount        £1 to £10
To                 70070

  • Mental health awareness is a huge issue.
  • Reach out to others who may be isolated and alone.
  • To offer a friendly ear in their time of need.
  • Provide information about services available in their Communities.
  • Bring them out of their feelings of isolation and back in to the communities.
  • Make awareness of help in the community.
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